Annual Color

Annual Color

annual color

Fall Aster

What is annual color? In the nursery world, annual plants are often called “color”. And for good reason! Annuals are plants that complete their whole life cycle in one season. As a result, it seems like they have the biggest and most colorful flowers! Sometimes these plants will spread seeds and pop up again on their own, but not always.

There are different types of annuals for different seasons. When spring annuals start to die back in the fall, they can be replaced with winter annuals and vice versa. While some annuals have a short growing season, some annuals will live for several years if they do not freeze. Because annuals are so versatile, they are great for gardens, hanging baskets, containers and borders too. Furthermore, they are easy to grow yet pretty inexpensive.

Water and fertilize these plants often to keep them happy. In addition, removing dead flowers encourages more blooms. Most of all, annuals are an easy way to add bright color to your beds. They also add instant curb-appeal to your home!

Some of the varieties that we carry are listed below. Items are subject to availability and can change daily. Check back often to see what’s new!

Spring and Summer Annual Color

Fall and Winter Annual Color