Map of Nursery

nursery map

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Map of Nursery

The Garden Center has so many beautiful plants and trees that it’s easy to get lost as you’re wandering around the nursery. Which is a good thing! But if you’re looking for a particular group of plants, this little map may help you out.

At The Garden Center, you can find plants by their sun or shade requirements. They are also grouped by type of plant. For instance, plants that need full sun are in large open areas. Shade plants can be found under the trees. Annuals and vegetables are close to the main building in the big greenhouse. Perennials and shrubs are little further away, and the largest trees are in our top lot near Bandera Rd.

Plants do move around quite a bit in the nursery. If you still can’t find the plant you’re looking for, just ask us and we’ll be glad to help you find what you need!