February Plant of the Month


Fatal Attraction Agave

Have you ever had one of those Valentine’s that you thought might hurt you but you just couldn’t resist? Fatal Attraction Agave is that plant. This spiny little guy has beautiful deep green foliage with a lighter green center stripe and red margins. Oh, and those margins? Have some wicked red teeth! Also a terminal spine. Careful where you plant it! It will get about 1 or 2 feet tall and wide. Don’t let that scare you away though, it’s also got its charms. It’s deer resistant and a super low water user. It will look great in your rock garden or mixed with blooming perennials. If you can’t resist Fatal Attraction, grab one quick, we only received a handful. We also got a TON of new agaves and yuccas if this particular agave is not your type. Come take a look!

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January Plant of the Month

StockĀ stock

Stock up on Stock! Get it? Huh? Bad joke. Sorry. Stock is an annual that we see in early spring and late fall at The Garden Center. As you can see from the photo, it blooms repeatedly when it’s cooler. It even tolerates a light frost and has few pest problems. Stock prefers full sun and well draining soil.

Keep the flowers going by deadheading often. This colorful plant makes a great filler plant in beds or containers and can be used as a border.

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