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Tree Planting Service

Let us do the dirty work! The Garden Center has a crew specifically dedicated to delivering and installing trees for our customers.

Save your back and time, let our team of professional nurserymen bring their jackhammers, shovels and picks to do the job. We love this kind of stuff and can help you dig. Let's not kid ourselves, the soil in San Antonio is very rocky and often you can not dig more than 10 inches without hitting solid limestone.

We have planted thousands of trees in San Antonio for over 25 years. We know what it takes and will bring the right tools for the job, every time.

Delivery Only

    • Delivery is a $75.00 flat fee for areas within our delivery zone

    •Areas outside our regular delivery zone will be subject to additional delivery fees; see a sales associate for details

    •Delivery fee covers as many plants as can be delivered in one load (that's a LOT of stuff!)

    •All deliveries will be dropped off at the front drive

    •Any other services will be subject to extra fees before completion

Delivery and Planting

    •Planting fees include free delivery (within our regular delivery zone), installation, mulch, and limited 1 year warranty.

    •Charge for any service of planting or delivery by The Garden Center must meet a $75 minimum.

    •For your convenience and safety we must submit a utility locate request for your installation site.

    •Tree plantings and deliveries are scheduled on a first come first served basis, Monday-Friday. Can't be there? That's okay, we can still plant it for you even if you're not home. You will receive a flag to mark where you would like your tree planted.

    •Tree staking is highly advised for Monterrey Oaks & Mexican Sycamore at $35 per staking

Fountain Delivery & Set Up

    •Customer must provide prepared, level site prior to delivery and installation.

    •Delivery to areas outside our regular delivery zone will be subject to additional delivery fees; see a sales associate for details

Planting Labor Charges

Plant Gallon Bucket Size/Labor Charge per Plant

#1 - $7 (12 containers minimum)

#2/3/5 - $20 (4 containers minimum)

#7 - $50 (2 containers minimum)

#10/15/20 - $100

#25/30 - $150

#45/24" Box - $200

#65/95 - $250

#125/ 200 - $400

Tree Staking - $35

Delivery Only - $75 (within our normal delivery area)

Fountain Delivery & Set Up - $250

Digging in San Antonio's rocky soil is a real hassle. Let the professionals at The Garden Center plant for you. In most cases we will be done in thirty minutes and leave you with the task of watering your beautiful new trees. Come in and schedule your planting today!