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Brunfelsia- May Plant of the Month

May Plant of the Month


brunfelsiaAre you one of those gardeners that can't ever decide which color flower to get? Don't you wish that one plant could have all different colors? Brunfelsia might be for you! Also called Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Brunfelsia blooms purple, then matures to lavender and finally white within three days. You will see all three colors on one shrub at once!

There are many varieties of Brunfelsia, growing anywhere from 4-10 feet tall. These tropical evergreen shrubs have glossy green leaves with a bushy form making them a good choice for foundation plantings and containers. TONS of fragrant flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds appear in spring. The flowers are large, almost 2 inches across! While the biggest show of flowers will be in spring, it will also bloom on and off summer until frost. Speaking of frost, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow can handle light frost, but may suffer damage from a very hard freeze.

This plant loves moist, acidic soil and performs best where it can get some shade from our hot afternoon sun. Morning sun is great or dappled sun all day. They look great when mixed with other tropical looking plants like Elephant Ear, Agapanthus or ferns.

The downside? Think twice about planting if you have dogs, cats or horses; especially if they like to nibble your plants. Brunfelsia is a member of the nightshade family and all parts of it ARE POISONOUS. Even just a little taste can cause problems.

As long as no one chews on it, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow can be a wonderful addition to your garden. Brunfelsia is blooming right now at The Garden Center! Come by and see these beauties for yourself.