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Confederate Jasmine

January Plant of the Month 2020

Well, it's winter time. Maybe you wished you had planted something green to look at over the next few months? Plant Confederate Jasmine now for some greenery and it will reward you with lush growth and flowers this spring!


Growth habit and features

This vine is also known as Star Jasmine and is related to Asian Jasmine, a ground cover with far fewer flowers. Like many vines, it's vigorous and fast growing. It climbs by twining, so a little bit of training is needed to get it started, but soon enough it will start finding its own way. It's average span is about 12' long, although reports of 40' are possible if left unchecked!

Confederate Jasmine features leathery, oval green leaves with a point on each end. Small pinwheel-shaped fragrant white flowers appear in abundance in spring and summer. Sometimes they will have a little burst of blooms in the fall as well. All of those fragrant blooms mean you'll have plenty of visits from bees, butterflies and hummingbirds too. Deer seldom bother this plant and if they do, well, it will grow back pretty quick.


How to grow

While Confederate Jasmine is a spectacular choice for fences, trellises and arbors, it can also be grown as a ground cover. Grown in this fashion you can expect a carpet about 12-24" thick and spreading. It could even be grown in containers, hanging baskets or indoors. Wow, imagine that scent filling up your home!

Grow Confederate Jasmine in full sun or shade (You'll get more blooms with more sun). It is not picky about soil type either. Clay, sand, rocky, alkaline? No worries. It does prefer slightly moist soil, but once established can tolerate some drought.

Confederate Jasmine is available almost any time at The Garden Center. Since it is green all year, as long as it is available to us, it's available to you. Come by and see our 1 and 5 gallon containers available now!