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Wonderful Pomegranate-June’s Plant of the Month

You know those big, juicy pomegranates that you get in the grocery store? They're called Wonderful for a reason. And you can grow them yourself! Wonderful Pomegranates grow just fine in our hot, dry San Antonio climate. They don't mind the hot sun and even if you don't eat the fruit, they still make an attractive shrub or small tree.

Pomegranates will grow to about 10-15' tall and wide with glossy dark green foliage. Bright red-orange funnel shaped flowers start to bloom in spring and summer. Fruit follows shortly after and usually ripens around October or November. Golden yellow leaves drop in the fall. The 'Wonderful' variety yields large, globular juicy fruit with a sharp, tangy flavor.

If you want this delicious fruit, make sure you get the right variety of pomegranate! This includes Wonderful, Austin, Angel Red and others. There are also compact and dwarf varieties available. While they too produce beautiful flowers and fruit, the pomegranates are often small and dry. But, they are nice to have as an ornamental hedge or in containers.

The bright orange flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds. You may have to compete with squirrels for some of the fruit. The upside is that they are deer resistant. Not very tasty to them and the long spines on the branches aren't much fun either.

Pomegranates can be grown as a large, bushy shrub or trained as a small tree. They can also be grown in containers. They prefer well-drained soil, with deep but infrequent watering. Plant them in full sun for the best results. If you're in the market for a Wonderful Pomegranate, come by and see us. We have them in stock right now!