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Coral Bells- April Plant of the Month

Adding color to a shady landscape can sometimes be a challenge. Coral Bells are one way to tackle it! These little plants can make a big difference with their colorful foliage and dainty flowers.

Also known as Huechera or Alumroot, Coral Bells have a compact mounding growth habit. Growing only 12-20 inches tall and wide, they're easy to sneak into even the smallest garden spaces. These plants are also perennial and will come back year after year.

Coral Bells come in a large variety of foliage colors. Their maple-shaped leaves can range anywhere from chartreuse green to red, deep purple, solid green, bronze, yellow- orange, silvery gray, and even bi-color with contrasting veins!

In addition to their stunning foliage color, these plants also produce flower spikes with small red, white, or pink bell-shaped flowers. Blooms appear in late spring or summer and attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Coral Bells are also deer resistant!

Grow Huecheras in the shade with some sun in the morning. They make great fillers for containers or used as a garden border. Pair them with other shady garden plants like Agapanthus, Daylilies, Hydrangeas or Hostas.

These plants are easy to grow with few pest or disease problems. Watch for powdery mildew on occasion. Although they are drought tolerant once established, Coral Bells will do best with consistently moist soil. Mulch is a great way to keep them happy.

At The Garden Center, Coral Bells are generally available through spring. Right now, we have them in 4 inch containers, 1 gallon and 2 gallon containers. Come by and see our selection of Coral Bells and other shade lovers today!