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March Plant of the Month

Shasta Daisy

Nothing says spring time like good 'ol daisies! And Shasta Daisy is sure to please. This daisy is actually a type of Chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum maximum to be exact; with flowers to match the name!

Shasta Daisy

Shasta daisy is a perennial well known and loved for its large, long lasting white daisy-like flowers with a yellow center eye. The flowers are nearly 2 or 3 inches across! With it's long stems, Shasta makes a nice cut flower for vases. It will bloom almost nonstop from spring until frost, attracting plenty of bees and butterflies along the way.

Shasta Daisy has deep green, attractive foliage with slender, almost leathery feeling leaves. It's low, bushy growth habit make it perfect for borders or container plantings.

For Shasta Daisies to grow happily, they need partial to full sun with moist, but well drained soil. They are heat tolerant, but do not like to dry out too much. They will let you know it too! Don't worry, they are usually pretty forgiving if you just missed one watering.

You can find Shasta Daisies right now at The Garden Center. Come by and see these beauties!